In 2013 I discovered I could draw while on holiday in Norfolk in our caravan with my wife and two dogs. It was a very wet day and we were indoors in the warm with the central heating on.

The dogs were asleep on one of the seats opposite and I sketched one of them while they were quiet  and asleep.

The result was passable enough and encouraged me to continue and learn more.

I have now discovered art and in particular pencil drawing.

I have tried water colour paint, acrylics, oils and charcoal, but for now I am still best with pencil.

That is also my preferred medium, probably because my best art has been achieved using graphite and colour pencils.

I am gradually moving over to colour pencil drawing and have bought a 150 pencil set of Prismacolor Premium pencils because of the waxy core and good layering properties .

I have now started using Polychromos by Faber Castell, as the prismacolors run out and will move over to them as each Prismacolour pencil wears away. They are oil based and hold their point longer, are lightfast and give a better finish for detail work. They  are expensive but they are worth it.

I usually draw a picture using graphite pencilfirst and then follow with a colour pencil picture when I am happy with the composition and values.

As I finish one drawing I put in a draw or album as I seldom feel satisfied with them compared with other artists work and move on to the next project.

All of my pictures had been sitting in albums or draws until I showed them to friends at work.

They suggested I show them to other people, so here we are! 

I have created this site to show my pictures to a wide audience.

I hope you enjoy the pictures that are displayed on the Gallery pages and if you like one or more and wish to buy one and help local causes at the same time that would be great.



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